✨What's New

Sortable Columns

 Columns in tables are now clickable for sorting data in ascending or descending order. Simplifying data analysis and improving navigation. Visit any table in the app dashboard and click on a column header to sort data based on that column.

Order Form Quantity Warnings

If you have enabled order forms and supply lists, this update is for you!

Out of Stock Notifications: The order forms now dynamically indicate when an item is out of stock, enhancing transparency and assisting customers in making informed purchasing decisions.

Dynamic Quantity Adjustments During Import: Upon importing a spreadsheet with order information, if the requested quantity of an item exceeds available stock, the system will now:
  • Display a warning message indicating insufficient stock.
  • Automatically adjust the requested quantity to match the available stock.

Translatable Customer Portal

The customer portal is now available in multiple languages, ensuring a broad, international user base can navigate and utilize the platform with ease. Head over to "Translations" sections in the app and add as many translations as you like.

Spreadsheet Import/Export Functionality

  • Import Spreadsheets: Users can now conveniently import spreadsheets to quickly update their lists. Compatible with following file formats: .csv
  • Export as Spreadsheet: You're not limited to just the app anymore! Export your list to a spreadsheet format for additional flexibility. Users can now import a spreadsheet to update a list.